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The Xentral API is versioned on the media type level.


An implementation is considered stable once it solely has a version number in the Media Type:


Early Access (Beta)

When API endpoints are still in development, or if we are working on a new version where the contract can still change, then we will label the version in the media type with beta:



When defining a new API contract that is shared publicly for feedback, the API is considered in the alpha stage.

Kindly note that this endpoint has been released, but the data you get is dummy data, meaning you can start working on building your integration, but we are still working on these endpoints.


Breaking Changes

The following things are considered breaking changes:

  • Modifying the payload structure
  • Removing parts in the payload structure

Adding items to a payload is not considered a breaking change.

Whenever breaking changes are implemented the version number will increment by one:

application/vnd.xentral.VARIANT.v1+json-> application/vnd.xentral.VARIANT.v2+json

Both Media Types will stay available until it is being deprecated.